Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most common form of hosting on the internet. With a shared hosting plan you share a server with a number of other users. This can lead to slow performance when you go with a cheap, unlimited provider. Unlike most of the mega hosting providers, our shared hosting plans strictly limit the accounts per server. Don’t get stuck with hundreds of other customers on the same server.


Has your website outgrown the standard shared hosting plans, but you’re not quite ready to step in to a fully dedicated server? Our Semi-Dedicated Servers are what you need. You’ll get all of the functionality of a dedicated server, unlimited domains, mysql, email address, spam assassin, email forwarding, etc. but since you’ll be sharing the server with other customers, your cost will be substantially reduced. Each server has a maximum of 8-15 customers depending on the size of plan chosen.

Dedicated Server

Are you ready to step up to a Fully Managed Dedicated Server. At Mindraven we have a variety of servers available for your needs. Located in Dallas, Texas, all of our servers have a variety of options available, and they all come with 10TB of multi-homed monthly outgoing bandwidth allowance.