Free UBB Forum Installation

We are happy to announce than we offer free UBB installation with all new orders and for our current customers. You can order the free installation when you create your new order or simply in creating a new ticket in our support system to see your forum installed without any fees.

This offer is now active and for life !!!! HAPPY NEW YEARS

Shared hosting plans now include more benefits

All of our hosting plans, excluding our basic Bronze plan, now include FREE members area access to our UBB downloads for any valid UBB License. This is normally $59 for 1 year of access.

So if you are an older UBB customer or just purchasing, choose any plan except for the bronze plan, and you’ll be able to download any future version of UBB free of charge as long as you continue to host with us.

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An excellent UBB related site

Many of you that hang around the UBBCentral Forums obviously know who SirDude is. For those that don’t he’s one of our Moderators and Beta Testers. He’s also one of the more active modders in the community and does a variety of work for many UBB owners. He recently has started a website,, that any UBB owner should bookmark and visit often for modification and UBB related tips.