Unlimited Hosting – Why we don’t offer it – Why you shouldn’t fall for it

It seems that most of the “big” hosts have all gone to the latest catchphrase. Unlimited Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Disk Space. The Unlimited Plans sound great. You can send as much traffic that you want to your website, load as many files as you want and host a billion domains, all on one low cost plan.

The truth is however, nothing is Unlimited. Eventually, you’re going to hit a point to where your utilizing too much CPU time and your site will either be disabled or you’ll need to move up to a different plan. Read the fine print on those Unlimited Plans. You’ll find something in there of that nature. The problem is you don’t know at what point that might be.

Think about it. You’re on a shared server and everyone else on that server is on the same unlimited plan all paying some low price. Think about the cost the hosting provider has in order to offer that server and maintain it. So, how many customers do they have to stick on that server to make a profit? Hundreds. Obviously the hard drive is going to fill up at some point if everyone is using unlimited disk space. The bandwidth pipe will fill up as well, CPU usage will be maxed out. Your website speed will suffer in the process.

That’s why we don’t offer unlimited hosting plans. We clearly state the amounts allotted with each plan. This may cost us a few customers who would rather see that Unlimited keyword, but we don’t feel like misleading anyone. If you outgrow the bandwidth limitations on the shared hosting plans that we offer, then you’re more than likely going to need to move up to a VPS, Semi-Dedicated or Dedicated Server. So we want people to know that up front.

Since we don’t oversell, this allows us to specifically limit the amount of accounts on each server. We know the total amount of bandwidth/disk space that our customers are allowed, so we know when a server has really reached it’s max capacity. Yes, this cuts down on our profit margin, but we be believe in offering quality web hosting over quantity. With our plans, you know you’ll never be stuck on a server that is overloaded, overtaxed and cannot provide you with what your plan states that you should have.


Semi-Dedicated Servers Now Available

Due to increased demand from customers looking for something in between a shared hosting plan and a fully dedicated server, we’ve introduced several Semi-Dedicated Servers. You can go the VPS route, but with a VPS you’re normally limited to a relatively small amount of the actual server usage. With our Semi-Dedicated Servers you’re sharing the server with anywhere from 8-15 clients max depending on the size of plan you choose. This means you’ll get much more bandwidth and resource usage than most VPS plans.

Our Semi-Dedicated plans give you SSH access to the server, cPanel, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited emails, unlimited MySQL databases and much more. The servers are fully managed by our technical staff, so all you need to do is worry about your website.

Unlike others where you may see Unlimited Everything including Disk Space and Bandwidth, we still have limits on these plans, although much higher than our Shared Hosting Plans. The reason for strictly stating our limits is Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth isn’t really unlimited if you read the fine print on these types of plans. So we let you know up front what the allowances are so there are no surprises later.

All Semi-Dedicated Plans come with an optional Discounted UBB License for $49, normally $139.

Plans start as low as $59.99 per month. Order Today!

CloudLinux – A Better Solution for Web Hosting

This is a guest blog entry from Kerstin Demko, part of the CloudLinux Managment Team.

Mindraven is committed to providing shared hosting servers that have a limited number of clients per server. That’s to make sure you are not stuck sharing resources with hundreds of other clients on the same server. Now they go even further with a shared hosting solution that assures that your site is going to be running fine and won’t be impacted by other customers on the server. Sign up for the new CloudLinux shared hosting offer!

On a shared hosting server there are many other customers hosting their websites on the same server and you are sharing resources with your neighbors. Sometimes, unpredictable issues can slow server performance or worse – cause a complete outage of the server.

It is becoming more common for a typical web server to see more complex and diverse websites with many different configurations, web applications (like blogs, shopping carts, forums) and software loaded onto it. This ever-increasing complexity sets the stage for one single, poorly configured site or a site that suddenly gets popular, to bring down the whole server. That means your neighbor on the server can potentially impact your website performance.

That’s why Mindraven now offers CloudLinux shared hosting server. CloudLinux prevents one website on a shared server from being able to slow down or take down the entire server, and ensures your website keeps running smoothly.

The heart of CloudLinux is innovative technology called Lightweight Virtual Environment™ technology. It isolates and limits resources to a specific process or customer and creates separation between websites on a shared server to prevents one website from affecting its neighbors.

Essentially CloudLinux “crash proofs” the shared hosting account by creating separation and delivers:

  • Increased server capability without increasing risk
  • More efficient and stable server
  • Reduced impact of unpredictable events like load spikes that can take down or slow down a server
  • A greener solutions by better utilizing existing infrastructure

To learn more about CloudLinux visit

You wanted more for your hosting plan, we’re giving it to you

Since we’ve been offering hosting, we’ve been picking up customers at a pretty rapid pace. It seems people are tired of the unlimited everything hosts where they offer you the world for a low price only then you realize your stuck on a server that’s completely overloaded, your website is down more than it’s up, and when it is up, it’s slow as heck.

As we pick up more customers, we can buy more things in bulk and pass that benefit along to you. For example, we’ve just attained an excellent deal on increased bandwidth and servers based in Chicago. So, we’re doubling the bandwidth allowed on all of our plans, and increasing the number of addon domains as well in some of them. A quick rundown of the change is below:

Bronze Plan
Now comes with 25GB of bandwidth instead of 10GB

Silver Plan
Now comes with 100GB of bandwidth instead of 50GB
Allows for 2 addon domains

Gold Plan
Now comes with 150GB of bandwidth instead of 75GB
Allows for 4 addon domains

Platinum Plan
Now comes with 200GB of bandwidth instead of 100GB
Allows for unlimited addon domains

Some pretty exciting changes. As we continue to get better deals, we’ll continue to pass those benefits along to you. Thanks to those who have flocked to Mindraven Hosting so far. And we look forward to doing business with many more of you in the future.


Brand New CloudLinux Server! 25% off first payment!

We’ve added a new server to our shared hosting stable. Running CloudLinux, which assures you that your site is going to be running fine and won’t be impacted by others on the server.

We’re offering a one week special on all hosting plans, that extends to UBB Licenses as well. Just enter the coupon code HOSTIT during the ordering process and get 25% off your first payment. This offer ends on July 24, 2010.

Now offering hosting affiliate program

We’re now offering an affiliate program for our hosting. Sign up and you can earn a recurring 10% commission on all hosting payments received from the referred customer for as long as they continue to host with us on a shared hosting plan. If they sign up for a semi-dedicated then you’ll receive a 1 time affiliate payment of $25.00. If they sign up for a dedicated server, then you’ll receive a 1 time affiliate payment of $35.00.

All signups will get an instant $10 bonus deposit in their account balance.

Join our affiliate program and start earning in 3 easy steps.

Shared hosting plans now include more benefits

All of our hosting plans, excluding our basic Bronze plan, now include FREE members area access to our UBB downloads for any valid UBB License. This is normally $59 for 1 year of access.

So if you are an older UBB customer or just purchasing, choose any plan except for the bronze plan, and you’ll be able to download any future version of UBB free of charge as long as you continue to host with us.

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Shared Hosting Plans Now Available

Over the past several years, we’ve received many emails asking if we provide hosting to go along with our UBB Product. That day has now come. We’ve been doing this on a small scale for several years and we’re now opening this up to everyone and offering a variety of Hosting Plans. All hosting plans include a discount on a UBB License and Installation.

Our shared servers all run on quad core processors with at least 4 Gigs of memory. We also limit the number of clients per server, so you are not going to be sharing server resources with hundreds of other clients.

We’ll also be offering VPS and dedicated servers very soon.

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