Free Hosting Giveaways

Periodically we will be giving away 3 months of our Gold Hosting for free. These giveaways will be done on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you follow us and keep an eye out for your chance.

These contests will be quick and easy. Just follow us on the respective site and share or retweet when it comes up and you’ll be entered to win.

Why are we doing this? We’d like more people to get a chance to see what it’s like to be with a hosting company that doesn’t oversell their services, so your site will always be fast and responsive, with excellent support to go along with it.

OpenX Exploit

If you’re running the openX ad server and you’re not running the latest version, I’d recommend doing an upgrade asap. There is a pretty bad exploit available and it’s already hitting some big sites.

The exploit is done via the Open Flash Chart 2 module. There is no check in place to make sure users should be uploading the files in that directory. If you can’t upgrade at this time then what you’ll want to do is delete admin/plugins/videoReport/lib/ofc2/ofc_upload_image.php if you don’t use the module. Most people don’t use the module, and even if you do, I’d delete it anyway until you can upgrade.

There are a variety of ways to exploit this, but one thing you can check is look inside your admin/plugins/videoReport/lib/tmp-upload-images directory. If you see some sort of .php script in there, that’s a bad sign.

We’ve already patched 3 client servers that have had a php shell script uploaded into that directory.

An update on this. Just updating your version isn’t going to fix your problem if you’ve already been exploited. You’ll want to check the append/prepend for all of your banners and zones, since more than likely they’ve been noodling around in there to cause problems. You can look at your audit log to see if that’s happened.

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Labor Day Sale – 25% off shared hosting plans for life

We’re having a Labor Day Sale ending tonight at midnight. You can receive 25% off any of our shared hosting plans for life. Just use the coupon code [b]LABORDAY[/b] when ordering.

Online Image Editing – Resize / Watermark your images

We have a lot of customers using our UBB forum product, and one question that comes along with it is that the users sometimes don’t know how to resize their images to use for avatars or decent uploads. There are a variety of sites available that can do the job but some are slow, and others aren’t very trustworthy, so we’ve purchased a new site to allow this.

At you can resize a single or multiple images and also add watermarks to them if you’d like. It’s a free service, it’s fast and we won’t hijack your images.

90% off your first month of shared hosting. This week only!

We’re having a 1 week sale that will be ending on August 15th, 2010. You can save 90% off your first month on any of our shared hosting plans.

This will allow you to discover the difference with Mindraven Hosting for as little as $0.99 for the first month. Enjoy the fact that you won’t be stuck on a server with hundreds of other people.

Mindraven Affiliate Program off to a great start

Even though our affiliate program is only 1 month old I can say that it is off to a successful start. Our top earner, after 1 months time, is earning just a bit over $40 per month. All of these sign-ups are for our shared hosting plans so these are recurring commissions as well, so even if they were to never get another sign-up for us, they’ll continue to earn that commission on a monthly basis as long as those customers continue to host with us. So even if they hit a dry month or get busy for a month or two and can’t do much promoting, they’ll still have incoming coming in.

How have they done this so quickly? Just a little bit of marketing on their part. When they see we’ve made some sort of announcement or post about our services, they push it, tweet it, including their affiliate link. With any affiliate program it’s not a magic way to make money, but if you put in just a little bit of time promoting it, talking about it, etc. then it can definitely work for you.

So sign up today! and get your slice of the pie. Our hosting business is rapidly expanding and there is no reason you shouldn’t be benefiting from it.

Have questions or suggestions for our affiliate system? Just let us know in the comments below.

Dedicated Servers Now Available

We’ve been offering Dedicated Servers on a case by case basis over the past couple of months. We’ve finally got everything in place where we can offer dedicated servers to all.

Our dedicated servers are located in a Chicago Data Center and they all come with multi-homed 10TB of monthly bandwidth. Various configurations are available and if you don’t see what you want/need, just let us know and we can work out a custom server for you. All servers are Fully Managed and come with several different cPanel options.

All Dedicated Servers come with a free UBB License, normally $139, free Members Area Renewal, normally $59 per year, and free installation, normally $125.

Plans start as low as $129.00 per month. Order Today!

We’ve made the switch to dofollow comments

After much debate, we’ve decided to join the do-follow movement and we’ve turned on do-follow for any comments to our blog posts. We’ve also added CommentLuv. We figured if you’re adding valid content to our site, then we should reward you in return with an actual backlink that will help your page-rank.

Now before you go getting out your auto-spam script and sicking it on our site, I do want to note that we will be a bit picky about what comments get through.

If you have something valid to add to a post, questions to ask then we’ll approve your post and your site isn’t some get rich quick site, then we’ll approve your post and keep the do-follow intact.

If you just post the “me too!” type posts where you’re not really adding anything of value, then we probably won’t approve it.

Unlimited Hosting – Why we don’t offer it – Why you shouldn’t fall for it

It seems that most of the “big” hosts have all gone to the latest catchphrase. Unlimited Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Disk Space. The Unlimited Plans sound great. You can send as much traffic that you want to your website, load as many files as you want and host a billion domains, all on one low cost plan.

The truth is however, nothing is Unlimited. Eventually, you’re going to hit a point to where your utilizing too much CPU time and your site will either be disabled or you’ll need to move up to a different plan. Read the fine print on those Unlimited Plans. You’ll find something in there of that nature. The problem is you don’t know at what point that might be.

Think about it. You’re on a shared server and everyone else on that server is on the same unlimited plan all paying some low price. Think about the cost the hosting provider has in order to offer that server and maintain it. So, how many customers do they have to stick on that server to make a profit? Hundreds. Obviously the hard drive is going to fill up at some point if everyone is using unlimited disk space. The bandwidth pipe will fill up as well, CPU usage will be maxed out. Your website speed will suffer in the process.

That’s why we don’t offer unlimited hosting plans. We clearly state the amounts allotted with each plan. This may cost us a few customers who would rather see that Unlimited keyword, but we don’t feel like misleading anyone. If you outgrow the bandwidth limitations on the shared hosting plans that we offer, then you’re more than likely going to need to move up to a VPS, Semi-Dedicated or Dedicated Server. So we want people to know that up front.

Since we don’t oversell, this allows us to specifically limit the amount of accounts on each server. We know the total amount of bandwidth/disk space that our customers are allowed, so we know when a server has really reached it’s max capacity. Yes, this cuts down on our profit margin, but we be believe in offering quality web hosting over quantity. With our plans, you know you’ll never be stuck on a server that is overloaded, overtaxed and cannot provide you with what your plan states that you should have.


Semi-Dedicated Servers Now Available

Due to increased demand from customers looking for something in between a shared hosting plan and a fully dedicated server, we’ve introduced several Semi-Dedicated Servers. You can go the VPS route, but with a VPS you’re normally limited to a relatively small amount of the actual server usage. With our Semi-Dedicated Servers you’re sharing the server with anywhere from 8-15 clients max depending on the size of plan you choose. This means you’ll get much more bandwidth and resource usage than most VPS plans.

Our Semi-Dedicated plans give you SSH access to the server, cPanel, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited emails, unlimited MySQL databases and much more. The servers are fully managed by our technical staff, so all you need to do is worry about your website.

Unlike others where you may see Unlimited Everything including Disk Space and Bandwidth, we still have limits on these plans, although much higher than our Shared Hosting Plans. The reason for strictly stating our limits is Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth isn’t really unlimited if you read the fine print on these types of plans. So we let you know up front what the allowances are so there are no surprises later.

All Semi-Dedicated Plans come with an optional Discounted UBB License for $49, normally $139.

Plans start as low as $59.99 per month. Order Today!