Mindraven Affiliate Program off to a great start

Even though our affiliate program is only 1 month old I can say that it is off to a successful start. Our top earner, after 1 months time, is earning just a bit over $40 per month. All of these sign-ups are for our shared hosting plans so these are recurring commissions as well, so even if they were to never get another sign-up for us, they’ll continue to earn that commission on a monthly basis as long as those customers continue to host with us. So even if they hit a dry month or get busy for a month or two and can’t do much promoting, they’ll still have incoming coming in.

How have they done this so quickly? Just a little bit of marketing on their part. When they see we’ve made some sort of announcement or post about our services, they push it, tweet it, including their affiliate link. With any affiliate program it’s not a magic way to make money, but if you put in just a little bit of time promoting it, talking about it, etc. then it can definitely work for you.

So sign up today! and get your slice of the pie. Our hosting business is rapidly expanding and there is no reason you shouldn’t be benefiting from it.

Have questions or suggestions for our affiliate system? Just let us know in the comments below.

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