Is your managed server really managed?

Recently I took on a new client for what started out to be a simple request of upgrading from an early MySQL 4 release to the latest MySQL 5 release. While it started out simple, it wasn’t meant to be.

The client had been with the hosting company since 2003. They have a dedicated, managed server with their hosting company. Hosting company details that their managed servers include OS updates, which was perfect for my client since they really weren’t tech savvy and just wanted a powerful server for their very active domain.

After poking around on the server preparing to upgrade to MySQL 5, I noticed that they were still running Fedora Core 2, which was released back in 2004. Now you’d think since this was a managed server, that the OS would be something a bit more up to date. The host’s response to this was that the customer never asked for the OS to be upgraded.

Seriously? That was the whole point of the managed server. The client didn’t even know what flavor of Linux they were using, let alone when new updates or security patches were available.

Word to the wise, if you are on a managed server and just assume that your host is going to keep the OS up to date with the latest updates and security patches, I’d check with them to find out. You might just have to put in that request for them to do so.

2 Responses to “Is your managed server really managed?”

  1. Andy Guitterz says:

    Thanks for the post. (Y) Turns out I was in the same situated, managed server but still running Debian Woody. Doing a quick search shows that was put out in 2002? Talking with our host now.

  2. DLWebmaestro says:

    Sounds like a common thing. I am with a managed VPS and had to manually request that my OS be upgraded as well.

    I have my server set to automatically upgrade CPanel/WHM/phpMyAdmin, etc. Well, one day, phpMyAdmin just stopped working and I couldn’t figure out what went wrong. After doing a lot of poking around I contacted my VPS provider. It came to be that phpMyAdmin no longer supported the OS my server was running and I had to request an OS upgrade.

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