The mystery – Problem with spoof and SPF

The Issue:
Many of our clients in our shared hosting server in Texas have been complaining that emails to have been bouncing. We are happy to tell you that the issue has been finally fixed.

The Explanation:
We made sure to whitelist that specific server with MSN but after doing so, the issue persisted!
Further investigating the mail queue, it appears that there was mail spoofing going on under one of the accounts with someone attempting to send email as several different addresses. To help alleviate this issue, we have enabled SPF and DKIM for that user so that users will not be able to spoof email as sent from it anymore.

The Resolution:
You will need to create an SPF record to resolve the issue fully. An SPF record is an entry added to the DNS for a specific domain. This record verifies that a user has permission to send mail from a given domain, preventing email from being “spoofed” for your domain.

This method is intended for users who want to ensure that the SPF record is tailored to their preferences.

a. Log into your control panel (cPanel).
b. In the Domains section, click the DNS Zone Editor icon. (If you do not have this icon, you cannot create this record in cPanel. Please open a support ticket at to request this icon.)
c. Select the desired domain name from the drop-down menu.
d. Under Add a Record, enter the following information:
Name: type your domain name (without the www)
TTL: 14400
Type: TXT
Address: Use an SPF wizard to generate the code
e. Click Add Record.

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