You wanted more for your hosting plan, we’re giving it to you

Since we’ve been offering hosting, we’ve been picking up customers at a pretty rapid pace. It seems people are tired of the unlimited everything hosts where they offer you the world for a low price only then you realize your stuck on a server that’s completely overloaded, your website is down more than it’s up, and when it is up, it’s slow as heck.

As we pick up more customers, we can buy more things in bulk and pass that benefit along to you. For example, we’ve just attained an excellent deal on increased bandwidth and servers based in Chicago. So, we’re doubling the bandwidth allowed on all of our plans, and increasing the number of addon domains as well in some of them. A quick rundown of the change is below:

Bronze Plan
Now comes with 25GB of bandwidth instead of 10GB

Silver Plan
Now comes with 100GB of bandwidth instead of 50GB
Allows for 2 addon domains

Gold Plan
Now comes with 150GB of bandwidth instead of 75GB
Allows for 4 addon domains

Platinum Plan
Now comes with 200GB of bandwidth instead of 100GB
Allows for unlimited addon domains

Some pretty exciting changes. As we continue to get better deals, we’ll continue to pass those benefits along to you. Thanks to those who have flocked to Mindraven Hosting so far. And we look forward to doing business with many more of you in the future.


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