We’ve made the switch to dofollow comments

After much debate, we’ve decided to join the do-follow movement and we’ve turned on do-follow for any comments to our blog posts. We’ve also added CommentLuv. We figured if you’re adding valid content to our site, then we should reward you in return with an actual backlink that will help your page-rank.

Now before you go getting out your auto-spam script and sicking it on our site, I do want to note that we will be a bit picky about what comments get through.

If you have something valid to add to a post, questions to ask then we’ll approve your post and your site isn’t some get rich quick site, then we’ll approve your post and keep the do-follow intact.

If you just post the “me too!” type posts where you’re not really adding anything of value, then we probably won’t approve it.

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  1. Rick Baker says:

    This is basically a test of the dofollow comments for my son’s new site. (Y)

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