Semi-Dedicated Servers Now Available

Due to increased demand from customers looking for something in between a shared hosting plan and a fully dedicated server, we’ve introduced several Semi-Dedicated Servers. You can go the VPS route, but with a VPS you’re normally limited to a relatively small amount of the actual server usage. With our Semi-Dedicated Servers you’re sharing the server with anywhere from 8-15 clients max depending on the size of plan you choose. This means you’ll get much more bandwidth and resource usage than most VPS plans.

Our Semi-Dedicated plans give you SSH access to the server, cPanel, unlimited domain hosting, unlimited emails, unlimited MySQL databases and much more. The servers are fully managed by our technical staff, so all you need to do is worry about your website.

Unlike others where you may see Unlimited Everything including Disk Space and Bandwidth, we still have limits on these plans, although much higher than our Shared Hosting Plans. The reason for strictly stating our limits is Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth isn’t really unlimited if you read the fine print on these types of plans. So we let you know up front what the allowances are so there are no surprises later.

All Semi-Dedicated Plans come with an optional Discounted UBB License for $49, normally $139.

Plans start as low as $59.99 per month. Order Today!

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