About Us

Our History

Our company originally formed back in 1997 as Wired Community Software. We were just a one man show at the time and we provided discussion forum software known as WWWThreads. Over the years as our forum product became more well known we began to diversify. In January of 2010 the company was renamed to Mindraven and as our team expanded so did the services and products that we were able to offer. In October 2011, Mindraven was purchased by a company in North America specializing in the field of web hosting and web development. In November 2011, we moved all our servers on one of the largest networks in North America, Level3 and Peer1 Network.

Our Goal

Our goal has always been pretty simple. Listen to our customers. Without the customers, we don’t have a business. Everything we offer is tailored to what are customers have asked for. The customer satisfaction is our priority, so we now offer technical support 7 days 7, 365 days a year with a guaranteed response in under three hours ! You can’t compare us with cheap hosting, we strictly the limit of hosted accounts on our servers to offer the best quality available.